Midfield Concession Enterprise Inc.

The Roots.

Midfield Concession Enterprises, Inc. is an award-winning, woman-owned airport concession company. MCE opened its first restaurant, the Mediterranean Grill, in the Detroit Metro Airport in 2002. Since then, MCE has expanded to over 50 restaurants in 10 of the nation’s top airports. MCE has a diverse portfolio of local, national, international and chef-inspired brands.



The "Wow" Experience.

The WOW dining experience is our signature customer service program that has made us an award-winning, nationally reputed concessionaire today. Our Signature Dining Experience has three key components that define a WOW experience in our restaurants:  AtmosphereGuest Service, & Menus.


Customer Service

Customer service is at the forefront of every MCE operation. Our staff is put through detailed training procedures to ensure the best customer experience. 

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Highest Quality

MCE is exceptionally proud of our commitment to only the freshest, healthiest and highest quality food. 

Innovative Design

At MCE, we recognize that innovative design is essential for a proper dining experience. We aim to create a unique environment in each of our restaurants.