Andrea founded Midfield Concession Enterprises, Inc. (MCE) in 2002 with the award of MCE’s first casual dining restaurant at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County International Airport. Under Andrea’s expert leadership, MCE has expanded to include 45+ locations in 8 of the most highly trafficked airports in the United States. Andrea is a savvy brand strategist with a strong vision for what the future of food and beverage in airports can look like with a talented, hands on restaurant operations team that understands airports and provides outstanding customer service. 28 years of direct experience in hospitality provide the deep knowledge base for this incredible leader that has taken the Airport Concession Disadvantaged Enterprise (ACDBE) business she founded along with her talented team of airport executives to great heights. As MCE prepares to graduate from the ACDBE program, Andrea looks forward to partnering with and mentoring talented ACDBE firms in the industry that share her unwavering commitment to delivering a ‘WOW’ customer experience.



Drawing on 42 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and a working background as an engineer, Dean is a vital part of the MCE leadership team. Dean believes that smooth operations are supported by sound operating systems. Since the founding of Midfield Concession Enterprises, Inc. in 2002, Dean has established a strong operational foundation for the team, its restaurant facilities, employees, travelers and the airports MCE serves. Dean’s understanding of the design and construction process ensures smooth operations during transitional phases when MCE is awarded a new space to develop. He has been directly involved in the development, build-out and operation of MCE’s 45+ restaurants in airports around the country.



An accomplished attorney in the state of Michigan, with more than 30 years of law practice, Samir is an important member of the MCE team that has been there since the beginning. From exceptional brand selection to recruiting famous chefs to consult on menu offerings, Samir makes it his greatest ambition to set new trends and lead the airport industry forward. Defining MCE’s restaurants as places of the future, is one of the goals that Samir works towards as he brings the latest technology offerings to MCE restaurant operations. Samir is actively involved in all facets of MCE business developments, which include RFP Proposals, commercial financing, lease negotiations, brand relationships and landlord/ tenant relationships and has overseen MCE’s incredible growth.



Brian Henson has joined the MCE culinary team as our Executive Corporate Chef to create signature menu items and customize existing menu offerings to the changing tastes of travelers. Brian Henson brings 20 years of experience to the charge as he leads the integration of new seasonal and local menu offerings.
From ‘Best of Show’ and culinary Olympic medals like the ‘Chef of the Year,’ by the American Federation of Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association (MCCA) and ‘Best Restaurant’ recognition, Henson’s commendations are a testament to his creative and technically astute culinary skills, as well as his passion for pleasing those he serves —talents that enable him to proficiently serve the contemporary airport traveler.